World Changers

Consider visiting the following websites. Some of them, in particular Hundredgivers, partner directly with us. We would also like to introduce you to some others, simply because they embody values we support, and are planting the seeds for a new paradigm of Awakening. All of them are world changers, with the courage to live out their intentions for co-recreating the world anew, in line with a vision of peace, compassion, and wholeness. They have valuable information and ideas to impart. If you take them to heart and live them in your own life, you’ll be a world changer too.

Hundredgivers is you and me – and all those who want to live in a world with more care for each other and the environment. Our mission is to empower you and me and our communities, organizations, and businesses to make a difference in the well-being and happiness of each other, while conserving earth’s precious resources.

Institute for Global Transformation
The IFTG is a global network of individuals who explore consciousness in seven areas of foci. We apply our discoveries to creating new solutions to global concerns that will assist humanity in building a better world. We provide practical information on how to use discoveries in consciousness to experience personal transformation, master our own lives, and share our experiences with others in order to transform consciousness on a global scale.

Interspirit Alliance
The world’s interspiritual pioneers envision the emergence of a new axial age, reconciling destructive tensions that have plagued the human family and awakening a transformed new era of enlightened understanding. They propose to unfold and nurture a new spiritual alignment, based on universal spiritual elements shared by all the religious, spiritual, wisdom and philosophical traditions in the world.

The Emily Fund for a Better World
The mission of The EMILY Fund is to continue Emily Rachel Silverstein’s legacy of hope in action for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world, through education, mentor-ship and creating and disseminating educational resources to facilitate individuals and student-centered organizations to experience local and global social change through community building activities.

Quantum Activist
There’s a revolution going on in science. A genuine paradigm shift. While mainstream science remains materialist, a substantial number of scientists are supporting and developing a paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness. Dr. Amit Goswami, PhD, a pioneer of this revolutionary new perspective within science shares with us his vision of the unlimited potential of consciousness as the ground of all being, and how this revelation can actually help us to live better. Also visit: the Center for Quantum Activism.

Equality Now
Equality Now works for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women and girls around the world. Working with grassroots women’s and human rights organizations and individual activists since 1992, Equality Now documents violence and discrimination against women and mobilizes international action to support efforts to stop these abuses.

Earth Renewal
Those who profess to favor freedom, yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” – Frederick Douglass

International Center for Attitudinal Healing
Attitudinal Healing International works towards a world where each person takes responsibility for what we think, say, and do, and where each of us feels safe, whole and loved. Attitudinal Healing gives us the powerful tools needed for making healthy choices, navigating successful challenges, and creating positive change. This is accomplished by our utilizing the Principles of Attitudinal Healing, enabling us to choose peace over conflict, compassion over indifference, and love over fear in all aspects of our daily lives.

 Institute of Noetic Sciences
The Institute of Noetic Sciences™, founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research, education, and membership organization whose mission is supporting individual and collective transformation through consciousness research, educational outreach, and engaging a global learning community in the realization of our human potential. “Noetic” comes from the Greek word nous, which means “intuitive mind” or “inner knowing.” IONS™ conducts, sponsors, and collaborates on leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness, exploring phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor.

Institute of Ecolonomics
The Institute of Ecolonomics, LLC (IOE) is committed to discovering and furthering the most sensible green innovations. Founded by the deceased actor, Dennis Weaver, in 1993, we work with ecopreneurs that are striving to make the planet better.  Dennis used to say in his cowboy sort of way – “We’ve spent billions of dollars and thousands of years messin’ the planet up, now we need to show people how to make it better and make a little money too.”

United States Psychotronics Association
The United States Psychotronics Association covers a broad spectrum of interests. The Association defines Psychotronics as: “The science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness.

Institute for Ethical Awareness
A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was created to help reverse the rampant rise in unethical behavior that erodes public trust and impairs societal well-being in countries around the world. More specifically, IEA seeks to educate individuals and organizations about the profound and often concealed impact unethical behavior has on the initiator of the harmful act, his or her co-workers, as well as the family and friends of each of these parties. By showing how unethical behavior negatively impacts the emotional and physical health of a wide range of people, potential perpetrators will better understand the severe personal and societal consequences of acting unethically and, therefore, be less likely to engage in such behavior. Moreover, organizations will strengthen their efforts to prevent unethical conduct, as they will be motivated by concern for their employees health and related costs as well as the potential legal liability these behaviors may engender.

Biocentrism – Robert Lanza
Biocentrism (theory of everything) from Greek: βίος, bios, “life”; and κέντρον, kentron, “center” — also known as the biocentric universe — is a theory proposed in 2007 by American scientist Robert Lanza. In this view, life and biology are central to being, reality, and the cosmos. Biocentrism asserts that current theories of the physical world do not work, and can never be made to work, until they fully account for life and consciousness.

Morphic Resonance – Rupert Sheldrake
Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and author, is best known for his hypothesis of morphic fields and morphic resonance, which leads to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory.

Foundation for the Awakening Mind
Awakening Mind is awakening to the truth of Who we are. It is a collaborative venture of undoing the ego and learning to live a life that is truly inspired by A Course in Miracles. Awakening to the truth of Who we are is a collaborative venture of undoing the ego and learning to live a life that is truly inspired. Every moment is a gift, an invitation to extend the Love that we are, to forgive what is blocking the awareness of our true Identity.

Sufi Ruhaniat International
The Sufi Ruhaniat International is dedicated to helping individuals unfold their highest spiritual purpose, manifest their essential inner being, and live harmoniously with others, with the hope of relieving human suffering and contributing to the awakening of all of humankind. Sufi Ruhaniat International was founded by Murshid Samuel L. Lewis shortly before he died in 1971. We are in the stream of the ages-old wisdom lineage of Sufism brought to the West in 1910 by Hazrat Inayat Khan under the title “The Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty” and his disciple Murshid Samuel L. Lewis.

Seva Foundation
Seva Foundation is an American non-profit international health organization based in Berkeley, California known for treating blindness. It was co-founded in 1978 by Dr. Larry Brilliant, Ram Dass, Wavy Gravy, Nicole Grasset and Govindappa Venkataswamy. Steve Jobs served as an early adviser and major contributor. Seva is best known for their work restoring eyesight to over 3 million blind people suffering from cataract blindness in places like Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The foundation also works on health projects in Native American communities throughout the United States. In 2013, Peter Singer wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Post that, with $7,500, the Seva Foundation could protect one hundred children from losing vision by treating trachoma and other common causes of blindness.

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.

Compassion International
Compassion International is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. The ministry releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult.

Dervish Healing Order
The Dervish Healing Order serves as that aspect of the Sufi Ruhaniat International which maintains and promotes the vision of health and Divine Healing as presented by Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Fellowship of Universal Guidance
Since 1961, the Fellowship has provided guidance relating to universal truths that realize that all paths of religious, philosophical, and scientific investigation lead ultimately to one Source—the Creator (God). The goals of the Fellowship of Universal Guidance are to assist those who desire spiritual fulfillment and evolvement to become cleansed, balanced, and attuned physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, as well as subconsciously and consciously blending with their Higher Selves.

Prison Mindfulness Institute
Our mission is to provide prisoners, prison staff and prison volunteers, with the most effective, evidence-based tools for rehabilitation, self-transformation, and personal & professional development. In particular, we provide and promote the use of proven effective mindfulness-based interventions. Our dual focus is on transforming individual lives as well as transforming the corrections system as a whole in order to mitigate its extremely destructive impact on families, communities and the overall social capital of our society.

Lama Foundation
The mission of the Lama Foundation is to be a sustainable spiritual community and educational center dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, spiritual practice with respect for all traditions, service, and stewardship of the land. It has strong ties to Taos Pueblo, the Hanuman Temple in Taos, NM, Sufi Ruhaniat International, Dervish Healing Order, The Church of Conscious Harmony, St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, CO, and dozens of other communities, spiritual teachers, and thousands of pilgrims from nearly all religious heritages who call Lama their home.

Mountain of Light
Cat Stevens’ decision to become a Muslim and devote his life to humanitarian and educational causes is one that has often been greeted with a mixture of curiosity and confusion. Realising that he wanted to provide answers to all the questions that his fans and others had, Yusuf as he is now known established Mountain of Light, a charitable organization dedicated to promoting a sound understanding of Islam, spiritual knowledge and Yusuf’s own views. On the forthcoming Mountain of Light website you can listen to audio lectures and read articles on a wide range of topics including faith and music. You will also find an in depth personal account of Yusuf’s journey to Islam, and his Peace Notes: a collection of much needed wisdoms on how we can learn to better live with one another, God willing.

Playing for Change
Playing For Change arose from a common belief that music has the power to connect people regardless of their differences. In 2005, a small group of film makers set out with a dream to create a film rooted in the music of the streets. Not only has that dream been realized, it has grown into a global sensation that has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. In 2007, the Playing for Change Foundation was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music.
 Our mission is to create positive change through music and arts education.  As one of our students in Nepal stated, “Music is an indispensable part of life -‐ you cannot live without music.” We couldn’t agree more. At the Playing For Change Foundation, we live our lives by this principle and apply it to everything we do.

Up With People
Up with People is a global education organization which aims to bring the world together through service and music. The unique combination of international travel, service learning, leadership development and performing arts offers students an unparalleled experience and a pathway to make a difference in the world, one community at a time.

Pachamama  Alliance
Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all. With roots deep in the Amazon rainforest, our programs integrate indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal, and collective, transformation that is the catalyst to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.

Race Forward
Race Forward advances racial justice through research, media and practice. Founded in 1981, Race Forward brings systemic analysis and an innovative approach to complex race issues to help people take effective action toward racial equity. Race Forward presents Facing Race, the country’s largest multiracial conference on racial justice, envisioning a vibrant world in which people of all races create, share and enjoy resources and relationships equitably, unleashing individual potential, embracing collective responsibility and generating global prosperity.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN). Its purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture to further universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in the United Nations Charter. It is the heir of the League of Nations’ International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation.

Singularity Weblog
Singularity Weblog started as a personal journal of thoughts on trends, news, issues, films and people related the technological singularity. However, due to the active involvement of readers like you, it is evolving into a growing community of people interested in exploring and shaping our future. The blog is not meant to provide definitive answers, but rather, to ask the tough questions in an attempt to generate discussion, provoke thought and stir the imagination. It aims to spark a conversation about the impact of technology, exponential growth and artificial intelligence where everyone’s opinions and participation are greatly encouraged.

Quantum Consciousness – Stuart Hameroff, MD
The nature of consciousness remains deeply mysterious and profoundly important, with existential, medical and spiritual implication. We know what it is like to be conscious – to have awareness, a conscious ‘mind’, but who, or what, are ‘we’ who know such things? How is the subjective nature of phenomenal experience – our ‘inner life’ – to be explained in scientific terms? What consciousness actually is, and how it comes about remain unknown. Stuart Hameroff is among the world’s most insightful researchers on the subject, with a new theory of consciousness that could completely transform our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

Living Lands & Waters
Head-quartered in East Moline, Illinois, Living Lands & Waters is a 501 (c)(3) environmental organization that was established by Chad Pregracke in 1998. Since the organization was founded, Living Lands & Waters has grown to be the only “industrial strength” river clean-up organization like it in the world. Spending up to 9 months a year living and travelling on the barge, the Living Lands & Waters’ crew hosts river clean-ups, watershed conservation initiatives, workshops, tree plantings and other key conservation efforts.

Remineralize the Earth
Remineralize the Earth (RTE) promotes the use of natural land and sea-based minerals to restore soils and forests, produce more nutritious food, and remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere. Given the immediate and growing threats of climate change, desertification, and increased food insecurity, Remineralize the Earth, through soil remineralization, is helping to create better soils, better food, and a better planet. Through our research, education, advocacy, partnerships, and implementation we are: Regenerating soils and forests around the world, increasing the nutritional quality and yield of food production, and stabilizing the climate.

Unity Online Radio – the Voice of an Awakening World
Our planet is becoming a global village, yet enormous differences remain in culture and spiritual tradition—differences that lead to misunderstanding, hatred, and war. Exploring the unity within all cultures and faith traditions, Rev. Paul John Roach, a lifelong student and practitioner of many world spiritual teachings, guides us through the variety and differences, to the unity and common values shared by all the great religions. Come journey planet Earth’s spiritual landscape with insight, humor, and practical advice for a safe and adventurous trip.

Parliament of the World’s  Religions
The Parliament of the World’s Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world. To accomplish this, we invite individuals and communities who are equally invested in attaining this goal.

Stop Hunger Now
Stop Hunger Now is driven by the vision of a world without hunger. Our mission is to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable and creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources. Help feed people in need throughout the world by making a contribution today to Stop Hunger Now.

Science and Nonduality
Science and Nonduality provides a forum where pre-eminent scientists, philosophers, teachers, artists and a large, international community gather to explore and advance the new paradigm emerging in spirituality, that is both grounded in cutting-edge science and consistent with the ancient wisdom of nonduality — the deep understanding of the interconnectedness of life.

Arcus Foundation
The Arcus Foundation is a leading global foundation dedicated to the idea that people can live in harmony with one another and the natural world. Arcus believes that respect for diversity among peoples and in nature is essential to a positive future for our planet and all its inhabitants. We work with experts and advocates for change to ensure that LGBT people and our fellow apes thrive in a world where social and environmental justice are a reality.

Buddha at the Gas Pump
Interviews with “ordinary” spiritually awakening people.

Working With Oneness
This site offers a body of teachings on the spiritual dimension of oneness, by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and others. Consciousness of oneness is an awareness of the unity and interconnectedness of all of life.

One Spirit Learning Alliance
As sacred consciousness evolves in a diverse yet increasingly interconnected world, One Spirit inspires passionate, caring individuals and communities to live engaged lives of authenticity, celebration, compassionate service, and integrity. We believe that a rich inner life and a tangible quality of personal depth is the source of all meaningful action. Every day each of us faces two important questions: Are we truly happy? Have we left the people we met and the world we live in a better place? At One Spirit all of our programs are aimed at helping us answer ‘Yes’ to both questions. Each offering, in its own way, is based upon the essential teachings of the world’s great spiritual traditions as seen in the light of contemporary knowledge.

The Interspiritual Network
Serving the emerging global interspiritual paradigm, the Interspiritual Network brings together and supports individuals and organizations that are deeply committed to the transformative process.  We provide opportunities to develop and deepen relationships, friendships and collaborations that further the Interspiritual vision of a world of compassion, peace and celebration of unity and diversity among all peoples of the world.

Sustainable Human
Sustainable Human is a collaborative content creation platform aimed at creating and sharing content that can help shift the story of humanity so that we may begin to live in harmony with each other and the planet.

ITLAQ Foundation
Itlaq Foundation was formed as a spiritual school to foster human maturity. Our approach bridges the Western imperative of individuation with the Eastern drive to self-transcendence. Our purpose is to educate participants in an approach to spirituality that is non-sectarian, non-dogmatic, and adaptable to emerging global needs.

Alliance for a New Humanity
The Alliance for a New Humanity is an international network of people and organizations from all walks of life who want to see positive change take place in the world. It launched in Puerto Rico on December 11-14, 2003 with keynote speaker, former Vice-President of the United States, Al Gore. Its purpose is to connect sensitive individuals into a global human network to lead to the creation of a critical mass that influences national and international policy towards a more compassionate humanity.

Farmer Foodshare
Everyone deserves access to fresh food. Fighting hunger and building healthy, viable food systems go hand in hand. Farmer Foodshare connects people who grow food with people who need food. Simply put, we strive to make fresh, local food available to everyone in the community, and to make sure farmers growing it make a healthy living.

Wellness Universe
Connect with people who are creating a better world. Search 7 Wellness Categories: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social & Spiritual. Walk away feeling better!

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  1. its hard to believe…that everything I’m researching for is here already in the one place… I’m going to have to believe it once I go through each one extensively… but thank. you for already encouraging the hope within me.


    • I’m glad you find the collection of resources helpful. To be very honest however, being a full time student, I haven’t had a lot of time to keep this site current, and wouldn’t be surprised if some of those links are out of date. Once I have the time to keep up with it again – as well as migrate my domain to a new server – I’ll likely work to update and make this resource list much better.


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