About Us

A pearl comes into being as the result of discomfort. The oyster experiences irritation from a grain of sand that should not be there. Similarly, we know that the world is not exactly as it should be. Our grain of sand is the poverty, war and injustice that simply should not be.

From our childhood on, we know it just isn’t right.

But often we are programmed to believe we can’t really do anything about these issues. The oyster however, is proactive. It simply acts to remove the discomfort by surrounding the offending situation with new conditions that are productive of a beautiful object that is highly treasured.

Pearl in oyster shell


We felt that grain of sand many years ago. Now we’re doing something about it… something tangible, to produce real value for a world in need.

There is a natural progression to this unfolding vision:

1. Produce valuable content that inspires hearts and opens minds.

2. Show and inspire others that they can do the same.

3. Partner with organizations whose focus is on supporting positive change in the world.

4. Incorporate as a non-profit foundation to support those without the means to purchase or acquire inspirational or educational literature for themselves. Some of these people have an inspiration buried deep within their own hearts, to be of service to the world some day. Others are incarcerated souls simply seeking to find and awaken Spirit within their lives. Like many of us, though having once fallen, they also have aspirations of growing beyond who they have been, and making a contribution to a better and more loving world.

The vision here at Awakening World Foundation is here to nurture their dreams, lift up hearts that are weary, and provide appropriate educational literature and resources to individuals and groups who who are destined to be World Changers.

Globe inside personal flotation device

To realize these goals, we are developing a stream of financial support. One of the first tools to do so is to provide a means within each blog post, for you to make a contribution to further this vision, even as you further your own knowledge of things that are important to you.

You’ll notice that at the end of many of the essays here, there is a recommended book to further inform yourself on the topic or issue presented there. If you click on the links provided, they will take you directly to Amazon Booksellers, with an opportunity to make a purchase. Making your purchase directly from that page, a small percentage of the profit will go directly to Awakening World Foundation, gradually moving us step by step toward our vision of a non-profit foundation that will serve some of these pressing needs of our time.

Each blog post will focus on one salient topic. At this time the focus is on writing from the interfaith, inter-spiritual perspective for the purpose of diminishing misunderstanding between people of different faiths and spiritual perspectives, and instead, bringing them together in unity, understanding and respect. But spirituality is just one of the important elements that need addressing in today’s world. In the future, you’ll also find essays on environmental recovery, social justice, human rights, and other important issues of our time.

In partnership with Awakening World Foundation is Hundredgivers, an organization “incubating and supporting projects focused on community, conserving energy and resources, reducing waste, and encouraging renewable energy while doing more social and environmental good.” Hundredgivers asks the question “What will it take to reach the critical mass of giving ourselves daily to the world with more heart?”

Visit the Hundredgivers website

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Finally someone who gets exactly whats going on in my inside… this is precisely the message I’ve been trying so hard to embed into people for years. I did quite well as an individual but now I have a team and my vision will come to life.


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