Need I say more?

Meditatio Ephemera

bustlecom1I have never used a blog post to publicize a YouTube video, and with more than 7.5 million views, the video below scarcely needs my help.   That said, it’s impossible for too many people — especially Westerners — to see this short film by Chicago high school student Shea Glover.  And if you’ve already seen it, it won’t hurt to watch again.

Beneath the superficial gloss, a deep sense of personal unworthiness —  ugliness, even — insinuates Western society. Several well-known American Buddhists observed the Dalai Lama’s puzzlement at a conference 25 years ago when teacher Sharon Salzberg asked about  the self-hatred that afflicts so many Westerners.

“Looking startled, he turned to his translator and asked pointedly in Tibetan again and again for an explanation,”  Salzberg recalls. “Finally, looking back at me, the Dalai Lama tilted his head, his eyes narrowed in confusion. ‘Self-hatred?’ he repeated in English, as though trying out the words.  ‘But you have Buddha nature.  How could you…

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