It Breathes Through Me

Who peers out through these eyes?
Who hears through these ears?
Who thinks with this mind?
Who walks in these feet?


Who indeed is it that moves this body?
Who or What lies behind these outlets to the external world?
Why look through them at all? What is the purpose?

Is it knowledge?
What is the Object of this knowledge?
And why has it traded places with the Subject?

Are these fruitful questions?
If there’s an answer, where does it lead?

These Questions live the Universe through this Vehicle.
Their Substance is the very Life of the Body.
Their Meaning constitutes Mind.

Continuum of substance and awareness
An aggregate of windows and wheels allows
The universe to perceive and to act as though
It were distinct from Itself.

Must we answer this riddle?
Will the inquiry continue?
Or must the play end?

Like Existence
Live this Open-ended
Question of being.

Microcosmic action
feet firmly on the ground.
Macro-cosmic perception
Head dissolving in sky.

Between the Two?
Unformed it moves upon the waters.
This is the Great Work –
Alchemical Union…

Who looks out through these eyes? Indeed.
It breathes in through me.
It breathes out through you.

What is the self? and what is Other?
Spurn these small gods

La ilaha illalah






The Dance of Created Lights: A Sufi Tale


The Dance of Created Lights is a tale of romance, adventure, political intrigue and spiritual awakening. It celebrates tolerance while respecting the strengths, beauties, and revelations of all religions, climaxing in an ecstatic ritual dance which speaks directly to heart, mind, and soul. Sufism, Kabbalah, Tantra, and much, much more. In the year 969, toward the end of the first Christian Millennium, Caliph Hakam II sponsored 30 free universities in al-Andalus, Spain. Nearly half a million people lived in Cordoba. The Great Mosque was larger than St. Peter’s in Rome. Jews, Christians, and Moslems worshipped together and lived together in creative splendor. “Peoples of the Book” – they considered their religions to be complementary. One thousand years ago we had a glimpse of what the New Jerusalem might be like.

2 thoughts on “It Breathes Through Me

    • There’s a reason for that, my friend. Though you and I share in the Sufi tradition, I also studied with a traditional Vedanta teacher of the Ramakrishna Order of India for over 20 years. (However, I’ve been a Sufi longer…) I’ve never read Mascaro’s translation, but do have a very special Vedic anthology with commentary by Raimundo Panikkar. Imagine a Vedic commentary by a mystical, Christian theologian. He also wrote a book that goes well beyond standard Christology, called “Christophany: The Fullness of Man.” It’s solidly Christian, but crosses boundaries into territory familiar to adherents of Hinduism.

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