The Vision

Slowly but surely, our world is awakening. We have wanted this for so long that we may doubt it’s actually occurring. The change is happening all around us, moving perhaps too slowly for our minds to perceive, but from the wider perspective, it’s all unfolding perfectly. Evolutionary forces conspire to present us with a choice: Adapt to live in synchronous harmony with all that lives, all that is. If we wisely adapt, aligning our life purpose and ways of being, expressing and doing with the overall intention of the universe that’s about furthering life, growth and awakening, then all will be well with our world, and we will  awaken naturally as part and parcel of an awakening universe. An old Zoroastrian prophecy states that humans are born to one purpose which is, by choosing good thoughts, good words and good deeds, to so contribute to tipping the cosmic scales in favor of the forces of light, that the universe and all that is within it, shall grow deathless…




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